The Sweeting Ranch

Sweeting Ranch At the Sweeting Ranch we run about two hundred-fifty head of Angus cattle and one hundred head of Katahdin sheep on 4400 acres.  We also have some of the best deer hunting in Montana.  It keeps us pretty busy but we still find time to train our dogs and fix most of the ranch equipment as it breaks down.  My husband John and I live here with my mother.  My daughter Marsha graduated from Fergus high school in 2008 and is currently living in Great Falls and attending college.  My Son Burl helps out when he can, but he and his wife Christie live in Bozeman.  The ranch is a beautiful place and it is very rewarding to be able to live here and enjoy the Montana lifestyle.   — Betty Williams
Katahdin sheep • club lambs • Angus feeder calves
Ranch History:  My Father and Mother bought this ranch in 1978, moving here from North Eastern Montana.  My husband John and I took over the ranch in 1982 and have been operating it ever since.
Betty Williams
John and Marsha on the old John Deere

John and Marsha on the old Deere