WTCH Riverbank’s Right Hand Man RTDc DNA-VP x Ranahan W Lazy J Jingling Spurs DNA-VP

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This is a litter that we are real excited about. I have been looking for a male that I felt would really compliment Gin and think that Lefty (Riverbank’s Right Hand Man) will do that. Lefty was here a couple of years ago for our cattle camp and I really liked what I saw in him. He is a confident dog that wants to please and is really level headed. He has nice structure, is clear on the Aussies genetics panel, OFA excellent hips and elbows normal.  Gin also likes to please and really loves to work cattle.  She will hit heads and heels.  She is OFA good, elbows normal and clear on everything with the exception of DM in which she has 1 copy so is a carrier.

Whelped June 16, 2018